The High Cost of a Bad Agent (Seller Edition)


In this video we cover the high cost associated with hiring a bad agent. Click the link below to view:

The Hugh Cost of a Bad Agent

The High Cost of a Bad Agent (Seller Edition)

SUMMARY: A bad agent will cost you literally thousands of dollars. Things bad agents do:


A bad agent will price the home incorrectly. Most of the time, too high. It could be incompetence or it could be they want to placate the seller and over-promise simply to obtain the listing. This will cause a home to sit, meaning (in most cases) several mortgage payments the seller would have to make that they otherwise wouldn't have to if the home was priced correctly.


A bad agent won't return phone calls. Maybe it's because their day job is making lattes or maybe it's laziness/incompetence. Regardless of the cause it is extremely costly to a seller if a potential buyer cannot schedule a showing and view the property. No showings = no offers. No offers = no sale. I return calls, texts and e-mails in a timely fashion.


The California Residential Purchase Agreement (or as we know it: C.A.R. Form RPA-CA) and its related forms are the language of real estate during a transaction. A bad agent will quickly make costly mistakes on behalf of their seller. In a recent transaction, the seller's agent incorrectly structured the seller's counter offer which ultimately costed them thousands of dollars. When these forms are ratified, they become a legally binding contract, so your agent should know what they are doing!


Bad agents don't advise their clients of the "three d's": Disclose! Disclose! Disclose! Disclosing any material fact that would cause a potential buyer to make a decision about a home is a must. The truth shall set you free and issues you've disclosed are your 'get out of jail free' card for those issues. 


A bad agent will not market a property properly which will result in missed opportunities for a potential buyer to see it! This would be a case where the agent really does just 'stick it in the MLS' and not utilize all of the tools, networking and just plain footwork to get the property sold.

CONCLUSION:  Hiring a 'bad agent' will cost a seller much more than any savings gleaned from the commission discount offered. Make sure you do your diligence and hire that right agent for you.

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